Wattle Hotel Gold Coast

Wattle Hotel Gold Coast before installing the ivy wall. This is the view of the parking lot from the beer garden and the venue managers wanted to take away the industrial look and soften the whole area.

The Hotel is looking much nicer now that the ivy wall is up and patrons can sit outside in comfort. The artificial Ivy fence brought greenery into the equation and left everyone a lot more relaxed. Just by adding greenery using artificial plants is the best and easiest way to achieve this outcome.

With the artificial ivy wall up the parking lot is hidden from view. This is a much more relaxing and inviting view. The artificial Ivy screen is easy to install and can be installed by just about anyone. It’s flexible and can go around corners easily.

Here is one of the artificial Pothos totems that were placed throughout the gaming room. The venue removed all of the costly plant hire plants and replaced them with our realistic artificial plants. There’s no watering required so staff can get on with their job and patrons wont be disturbed by plant hire workers maintaining their plants.

Wattle Hotel Gold Coast – Two large artificial Raphis Palms in pots at the main entrance to the hotel were also fitted. Now when patrons enter, they’re met with a much softer and relaxed venue and atmosphere. These artificial palms are mounted securely into their pots which gives them the appearance that they’re growing right there.