Kawana Shoppingworld, Buddina

The centre opened in 1979 and was the first shopping centre to open on the Sunshine Coast. Daniel was asked to install some artificial plants in the newly renovated outdoor areas.

Here is one of the areas before any plants have been installed.

installing the artificial grasses in the garden beds

while the wood chip was being added to the gardens this artificial planter box was installed in the food court.

Artificial grass installed around the main water fountain at the entrance to the centre.

artificial grass installed around one of the outside eating areas.

This is one of the larger gardens in the centre. the river gasses at the back are artificial. the other plants in the garden are living and were installed by the gardener.

another finished planter box with grass in it.

the grass has been drilled and glued to the base of the garden beds to prevent them being ripped out.

one of the main outdoor areas at the centre

another shot of the front garden containing both our artificial plants and the living plants.

Which do you like more?