It goes to show how important it is to address every email. About two weeks ago, Daniel from Silk Trees and Plants received a website enquiry from Jordan’s Seafood Restaurant regarding the supply of artificial ferns. The customer said he was after some large ferns to hang under and awning. He didn’t say much more other than he wanted them as soon as possible.

Upon following up on this enquiry by sending him links and details about some 1.4m Giant Fishbone Ferns, the customer was obviously impressed by its size and quality and put in an order for 12!

Daniel then delivered his order last Thursday to the famous Jordan’s Seafood Restaurant in Darling Harbour and the effect of having 12 Giant Ferns hanging from the eaves in their outdoor seating area was fantastic and brought immediate softening to the surrounds. As it turned out, and thanks to following up on this website enquiry, this gentleman, MR Ralph Guderjahn, is the operations manager for seven major restaurants on the Sydney Harbour area!

Mr Guderjahn was so impressed with the quality and lifelike plants, he said he was already looking at furnishing his six other restaurants.

Jordan's Seafood Restaurant

Fishbone Fern