Cambeltown Hotel Sydney – New Plants for the front and side entrance.

The hotel had concrete planter boxes with living plants in them, the living plants had seen better days. Here are the results from the latest project using our 2.4m artificial Raphis Palms.

Here is what it looked like once all the old living plants and soil had been removed from the planter box.

The second planter box infront of the Cambeltown Hotel, the concrete planter boxes had living plants in them that had seen better days. Daniel cleared out all the plants and soil, preparing to place the foundations for the 2.4m Artificial Raphis Palms.

The first Planter Box is at the front entrance to the Cambeltown Hotel, Daniel used seven 2.4m Raphis Palms and filled the planter box with stones, the idea was to add extra privacy for anyone using the outdoor area. The Raphis Palms are fixed inside the stones so they can’t go walkabout.

The second planter box at the front of the Cambeltown Hotel was massive, it lead around to the drive through section of the Bottle Shop. Sixteen 2.4m Raphis Palms where used to fill the planter box, stones where used to fill in around the palms.

These two planter boxes had to be custom made, as there was no concrete planter box in this area, the boxes are measured, assembled and painted by Daniel at the shop before heading down to Sydney. Six 2.4m Raphis Palms fill them.