Bankstown Hotel Sydney – New front Entry Plants

Here are the results from the latest project using our 1.8m artificial Raphis Palms, And Custom Made Planter Boxes.

We decided to go with Raphis palms for the front entry, they are hearty enough to stand up to the wind and rain outside the hotel. The planter boxes are heavy duty so that they can’t go walkabout and the palms have been fixed inside them for some extra protection.

Here is the completed project for the Bankstown Hotel in Sydney, 3 super heavy duty planter boxes with 1.8m Raphis Palms add some life to the entrance of this busy Hotel.

The Planter Boxes had to be custom made. each one was measured up, cut out, and painted black by Daniel.

The shirtless man himself. Daniel hard at work assembling the planter boxes before heading down to Sydney.

Here is a closeup shot of the planter boxes, stones have been glued over the top of the planter box.

Here is another picture of the finished Planter Boxes side by side at the entrance way.